One of the popular definitions of sustainability is “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Businesses are increasingly integrating sustainability practices into all aspects of their operations. In doing so, they often seek to minimize energy consumption, preserve natural resources, maximize the reuse of land and the recycling of materials, and minimize adverse impacts to the environment. Our attorneys’ experience and expertise in the environmental arena is uniquely suited to assist clients in capitalizing on opportunities presented by this popular business trend.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the commercial rehabilitation of brownfields and the reuse of environmentally-impaired properties. Particularly when coupled with development, maintenance, and use of green buildings and neighborhoods, this results in environmental, economic, and social benefits to communities. We help clients protect water supplies by assisting them in understanding and implementing storm water discharge programs aimed at compliance with applicable laws. We also provide assistance with capitalizing on recycling and other waste management opportunities. Our attorneys also help with lease arrangements involving green buildings to optimize energy and water use, maintain indoor air quality, and minimize waste throughout the lease term.

Our lawyers can be an invaluable team player in advising clients about the rapidly changing legal, economic, and social environment as it pertains to projects that meet sustainability goals. We have assisted clients with a variety of renewable/alternative fuels projects, including bio-fuels, ethanol production, landfill gas recovery, and wind farms, including the pursuit of related loan guarantees, tax credits, and grants. Our lawyers have advised clients on anticipated and existing legislation and regulations governing greenhouse gases. We also helped clients address greenhouse gas reporting requirements and advised clients on financial disclosure requirements relating to climate risks and other potential environmental liabilities.

We invite you to contact one of our attorneys to discuss how we might assist you in addressing any environmental challenges or opportunities that impact your company’s interests.